Getting started with AWS(Amazon Web Services)

Creating a Free-tier account on AWS.

Hi everyone, this is my first blog on hashnode platform. So today I going to tell you about how to set up a AWS free-tier Account. So let's start!

1.Go to Google and search for AWS Free-tier. So you will get an amazon official link click on it.

AWS free-tier.png

2.Then click on Create a Free Account.


3.Fill all the details and click on continue.

account type.png

4.Create on Personal if you are creating for your own use, else select Professional if you making a company account.

card detail.png

5.Enter the card detail and that's it, you have successfully created an AWS free-tier account.

Thank you. In the next blog, I will let you know how to set-up a MFA and IAM for a root account.